How Instagram Boost Business Promotion and Awareness?

One of the commonly “misunderstood” social media sites in business marketing is Instagram. Instagram is a “free photo sharing site” launched on October 2010. This social media site let users to upload and download photo, process it through digital filter and share it with others they’re connected too. From the start, this had been wildly successful due to immense number of users using it.  For as short as 2 months the said site gained more than one million users. Facebook have seen its benefit and bought it last April 2013 for $1 billion.



Regardless of its popularity, there are still numerous companies fail to see the importance of investing energy and time into selling their items and services through photos. If your one of them, bear in mind picture is “worth a thousand words”. The big question is, how small local businesses can make use of Instagram and benefit from it. To get started, simply register your company and make sure that your have location page –this is acquired by created account on Foursquare.


Foursquare is referred to as “location base social media site” designed for mobile users. Instagram is making use of foursquare database location to tag picture in a location. Once location is not yet listed on the Foursquare, your address can be added by simply following the steps below:



  • You need download and sign-up for Foursquare from App store or Google Play.
  • Simple check in the tab and look for the location you wanted to add and tap “Add this place” option.
  • Once you added the location on Foursquare database, you must able to search for it on location screen and select it for you to tag photo with the location you have created.
  • You can now upload photo and tap the place name in blue text which appears above the photo for you to view the location page which you have created. All photos upload and tagged with the location will appear.



Now that you’re done with Foursqure, it’s time to set-up Instagram account for your business. Simply sign-up using your “brand name” as user name, add business information, profile photo and link to your official site. You can also link your instagram account to other social media accounts that your company uses such as Twitter, Facebook and more. Since now that you have an account, you can begin sharing compelling content, utilize hash tags to look for followers and share business snapshots. This will aid you find likeminded individuals who are likely interested in your service or product.